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Genesis Compact Footmuff

Genesis Compact Footmuffs Genesis Compact Footmuffs

The SPRING and SUMMER footmuff is finally here.  Introducing the Genesis Compact Footmuff.  

An evolutionary,practical and affordable product, your customers will love!

This new product is already getting fantastic reviews and was EDITORS CHOICE in the Nursery Industry Magazine!!

Weighing about the same as pack of butter in its own draw cord bag (less than 300g) and about as long as an egg box when packed, the Genesis Compact won't weigh you down or take up vital shopping space in the pushchair. Unpacked within seconds, this full length footmuff will keep the little ones warm and dry in the event you get caught out by the weather.  


As a parent (and part-time pit pony/pack mule and expedition leader) travelling light is never easy. We have all set off out in the morning sunshine without coats to lighten the load, only for the weather to spoil everything by lunchtime. Even visiting the seaside can prove to be a blustery affair that ends up with the words “I‘m cold“ and “can we go home yet?“ ruining what you thought was going to be a perfect day. Sometimes on a perfect day you simply forget the time and before you know it, the sun goes to bed leaving everyone tired and cold. This year, don’t let the good old British weather catch you out, keep a Genesis Compact handy!

The Genesis Compact footmuff utilises specialist performance fabrics to bring you and your little one an ultra-lightweight and compact footmuff in an ultra-convenient draw cord bag. The specialist outer material is durable, shower proof, wind-proof and breathable. This super-soft exterior is matched by the inner micro-fleece polyester giving surprising comfort and warmth despite being ultra thin and lightweight. Weighing less than 300g (that's about a pack of butter) including the bag, the Genesis Compact takes up very little space and won’t weigh you down if it isn’t needed. Should the need arise however, our diamond of a product can be unpacked in seconds and will keep your precious little gems comfy and warm.

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