Genesis Buggy Clip

Genesis Buggy Clips are a universal, general purpose clip made from industrial strength materials. 

They are an ultra-convenient, multi-purpose accessory for pram, buggy or stroller etc.  Numerous clips are already on the market but the Genesis Buggy Clips are truly universal and very cost-effective.

The dual clips are a swivelling spring gate design and the unit clips into place utilising a fully adjusting side release buckle system.  The clips can be tightened around a variety of diameters as the side release system is adjustable.
All manner of items could be attached to a pram with these buggy clips. The main loop attachement would even allow the securing of a handbag for example that would hinder bag snatchers and provide a bit of security when in crowded places such as markets etc.
PLEASE NOTE:  Due care should always be taken not to overload such straps as this may present a tipping hazard to the pram.  Naturally this hazard is present with any other item being placed on prams/pushchairs such as shopping bags on the handles and common sense should be applied.
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