Genesis Carrycot Travel Bags for air flights

Genesis Carrycot Travel Bags offer you unrivalled value for money. Padded or un-padded, a complete made to measure service means every make and model is covered.  More and more airlines are insisting prams, carrycots or car seats go in their own bag in the aircraft holds.  Many items do not have such bags leaving customers to find their own solutions.

NOT JUST TO PREVENT DAMAGE!  The other main function of a travel bag is to keep the contents clean and dry.  Aircraft holds are dirty places that get wet due to condensation during the flight.  Who wants to put their baby in a dirty wet carrycot at the other end?

Winner in the Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2013.  This time served design has been helping parents ever since.

Our award winning Genesis Carrycot Travel Bags have the following key features:

Padded or un-padded versions available.

* Hard wearing fabric that wipes clean easily.

* Fully adjustable shoulder strap.

* 25mm webbing supports for maximum strength.
* Carry handles for convenience.
* Extra wide opening top for ease of access/egress.
If you are a customer looking to purchase one of our bags, please click here to visit one of our retail partners.
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