Feeder Arm Bag. Universal Bag to hold all extending Feeder Arms for Fishing.

Feeder Arm Bag

Midwater Luggage has manufactured a 100cm long bag to hold all feeder arms (or other items).  Similar in construction to the popular Midwater Landing Net & Handle Stink Bags but shorter.

Made from hard-wearing luggage grade polyester fabrics and have a robust metal zip closure.  The bags are lined inside with PU coated nylon The bags can fully open to allow easy access/egress of the items.  They have centrally located carry handles and an adjustable streamlined 25mm shoulder strap on the reverse to assist in carrying it to the venue.  Inside they have two compartment pockets so you can store multiple items.

Looking to buy one?  CLICK HERE to land on the Midwater Luggage site.

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