Cloth Rod Bags. Replacement Rod Bags.

Midwater brings you the most comprehensive list of simple Rod Bag sizes that we know of.  If you are looking for a replacement cloth rod bag this is the place.  We say cloth but really this is NYLON.  You could have cotton if you would like but frankly, from an Angling viewpoint, nylon has better properties in our opinion.


We have standard sizes to suit the following rods.

2-Piece 12ft, 13ft, 14ft, 15ft, 18ft.

3-Piece 12ft, 13ft, 14ft, 15ft, 18ft.

Whether you have a two-piece rod or a three-piece rod we can provide you the exact bag you need to put your fishing rods in.

The rod bags are made from robust coated nylons and are sewn with the best possible industrial threads for longevity.  The flap has a strong 50mm industrial hook and loop closure and bound edges.  These are top quality, British made goods.  Nylon absorbs water helping to keep water away from the rods spigots etc. but is also resistant to saltwater,  A great advantage to a Sea Angler or Beach Fisherman where other fabrics such as cotton do not last as well!

Bags sections are all equally 12cm wide. (No fumbling about with cold hands when you are trying to stick the wrong section in the narrow section and it won't fit)

Size guides:

For 11ft rods,  2 piece rods 168cm long. 3 piece rods 113cm long.

For 12ft rods,  2 piece rods 183cm long. 3 piece rods 122cm long.

For 13ft rods, 2 piece rods 199cm long. 3 piece rods 138cm long.

For 14ft rods, 2 piece rods 214cm long.  3 piece rods 143cm long.

For 15ft rods, 2 piece rods 229cm long.  3 piece rods 153cm long.

For 18ft rods, 2 piece rods 275cm long.  3 piece rods 183cm long.


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