Midwater Fishing Seatbox Cushions

Wondering where you can get a replacement fishing seat box cushion?  Struggling to find the right size cushion for an old seat box? Want some Backrest Cushions for your seatbox conversion?  Our market leading products are made here in the UK.  Thanks for supporting British manufacture.

IF YOU WANT GARDEN FURNITURE CUSHIONS..CLICK HERE  If you are an Angler, read on......

Our fishing seatbox cushions can be made to any length, width or depth size specification.

Our cushions are manufactured here in the North West using high-quality seating density foam which is covered in robust water-proof Oxford fabric. These British made cushions are the best quality products in the fishing industry and are 5cm in depth of seating density foam as standard unlike many of the mass-produced overseas made and imported products which use cheaper materials.  If you require deeper cushions, we can make to any size you desire.

We already make a 10cm deep cushion which is the ultimate in seat box comfort.  These cushions have a unique closure which allows you to change the seating foam.  If you are an angler that sits on a box for hours, THESE ARE A MUST HAVE cushion.


The standard colour is black but other colours available (such as olive green as pictured).

We have over 30 different sizes of cushion to suit 99.9% of the Seat Boxes on the market.  If you are in the 0.01% though, don't worry.  We can make them to ANY SIZE YOU WANT.



ANGLERS LOOKING TO BUY A REPLACEMENT CUSHION (or Backrest Cushions) or one of the 10cm deep ones click the relevant link below.....


CLICK for Standard 5cm Cushions


CLICK for Delux 10cm Cushions


CLICK for Backrest Cushions


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